Reading is the essence of humanity,
The benchmark of great civilisation;
Never undermine its capability,
As the key of knowledge and information.

The mightiness of its importance,
Evidence as the first Revelation;
Also the first thing parents sought,
For their toddler to be taught.

The history boasts of great authors,
Revolutionaries and exceptional thinkers;
Produced brilliant titles in endless lists,
So outstanding it lasts through centuries.

People read to pass the time,
Or even to pass exam;
Some read to gain knowledge,
May they be wiser as they age.

Most read for time-traveling,
Others may need it for therapy and healing;
Even for humour and a little fun,
Not to mention the emotional run.

Reading habit is the main focus here,
To be gladly shared with our peer;
Not much, really, just some points,
Our own mix of do’s and don’ts.

Book fairs are popping up everywhere,
Buy all you want but beware;
Take it easy, one by one,
Do not shift to another till you are done.

Read what appeals to you most,
Go ahead and be engrossed;
Do not abandon it half-way through,
To it stay faithful and true.

Reading takes up a day or more,
And leisure time they come and go;
So take your book anytime anywhere,
To read during moments you can spare.

Either best-seller propped up in display,
Or your favourite genre all the way;
Be protective and cherish them all,
Wrap, care and never scrawl.

E-books, Kindle and PDFs,
Are portable and provide easy access;
But with real books memories are etched,
When pages can be touched, felt and caressed.

With purpose brilliant authors wrote,
Between the lines the message showed;
Thus when you find it don’t let go,
Jot it down or highlight the quote.

Pen is mightier than sword,
A medium for ideas, views and thought;
Stop judging books and discriminate,
Be open-minded and analytical instead.

The signs of a good book are plenty,
One being hard to put down;
So let it not be your bedtime story,
You’ll still be awake at the crack of dawn.

Great book takes you on a journey,
Well, here’s a tip to make it worthy;
Relax your mind for good concentration,
Unwind yourself, avoid distraction.

Good endings make a book much better,
But it’s the adventure that really matter;
So refrain from skipping to the ends,
Experience all the twists and suspense.

Books are a great way to make friends,
Pass them around and give for lends;
What’s the joy in good reading,
If it’s not meant for sharing?

New vocabulary we’ll come across,
Look it up, or be at loss;
Because only a fool can think,
That they know everything.

Of words, syllable and rhyme,
Funny what 26 alphabets can do;
Oh dear, look at the time!
I’m off to read, and so should you.

Athifah binti Abdul Aziz is currently pursuing her fifth year in Kasr Al Ainy Medical School. She is a book lover, and have passion for writing and reading. She does not mind spending most of her time reading.