Medical students have always spent some part of their summer holidays going to elective postings in Malaysian hospitals to gain both knowledge and exposure in the hospital setting and clinical skills.

This is more driven with the recent transfer of our friends to local universities. Our students want to be as competent and on par with our colleagues back in our country.

Yet, the same question remains: How do I apply?

A. Required Documents:
– 2 pieces of passport-sized photos
– syahadah (university letter, in English)
– application form (link here)

B. Steps
1. At the Students’ Welfare Department (Syu’un Tullab), bring the kerneh and one passport-sized photo to obtain the syahadah. Write ‘to whom it may concern’ at the relevant site.
2. Fill in the application form. Scan all the documents and send them to the administration office of your desired hospital via mail, e-mail or directly to the office e.g. by a family member.
3. You will receive a reply mail, e-mail or phone call at least after 1-3 months (due to the processing and competition from other students learning in other countries). Therefore, apply early.

It is best to ask the assistance of family members to send the scanned documents directly to the administration office, thus a smoother process.
The hospitals’ procedure in applying may differ. Kindly do your research and refer in advance. You may follow the infographic guide below.

In section 3.2 Posting Pilihan, among the recommended departments are:
-Internal medicine
-Obstetrics & Gynecology
-Ophthalmology/ENT (favourite among 4th years)
Choose not more than three departments.

Targets to achieve:
– Exposure (for pre-clinical year students)
– History-taking, clinical examination and management (for clinical year students)
– Clinical procedures like taking blood sample (under supervision)

Useful books:
– Pocket notebook
– OXFORD handbook for Clinical Medicine
– Attachment Logbook Team (ALBOT) published by MedTeam.
– any books relevant to the applied department

Kindly wear the appropriate attire and forget not your stethoscope.

The above procedure can also be applied to university hospitals in Malaysia e.g. PPUM, PPUKM and HUSM, with a fee as they are under MOHE’s funding. Kindly refer the relevant websites.

Clinical Unit
PERUBATAN Cawangan Kaherah (PCK)

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*Infographic courtesy of PERUBATAN Medical Team