Here are some guideline for elective posting in Egypt (SCA) and Malaysia (the infographic below).

FAQs for Summer Clinical Approach (SCA) 2013

As the final exams have already started while others are just around the corner, students plan ahead on how to spend and benefit their summer holidays. Thus, the Academic Bureau of PCK has made an initiative in organizing SCA for our students during this coming summer break. Below are some FAQs:

What is SCA?

It is the abbreviation for Summer Clinical Approach, an elective posting program for PERUBATAN members in Egypt.

What will we get in this SCA?

The programme is aimed to provide exposure for students to clinical cases in the hospital environment.

Which hospital?

The posting will be held in the University Hospital

How long is the programme?

It will be held for from 14th to 31st July 2013, 3 days a weekly with holidays on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

What can we do?

Students will learn about history-taking, clinical examinations, management of cases and some clinical procedures.

Will there be any hands-on activities?
As the programme itself is aimed to improve the clinical skills of the participants, yes there will be hands-on activities with the patient under the doctor’s supervision.

Which departments?

The departments offered for this programme are Internal Medicine and Paediatrics.

How do we get in groups?

Participants can form their own group through the online registration form or the organizing committee can help form the groups for the participants.

Are there any log book?

No, but PERUBATAN Medteam has published the Attachment Logbook (ALBOT) for the members’ usage in elective posting which is a very useful guidebook. Kindly ask to any committee members of Medteam for information.

Is certificate provided?

Yes, upon completing the necessary credit hours.

Can students from other universities participate in the programme?

No, as this programme is for Malaysian students studying in Cairo University.

What if I were to return to Malaysia before being able to complete the course?

There is no compulsion or full obligation on students from returning to Malaysia early, but it is an opportunity to learn from the doctors and patients directly in the hospital, thus benefitting the summer holidays.




*picture courtesy of PERUBATAN Medical Team.

*picture courtesy of PERUBATAN Medical Team.

Brought to you by: Clinical Unit of Academic Bureau (BCAD), PERUBATAN Cawangan Kaherah (PCK)