Cairo Medical Team (CMT) has been one of the most recognizable organizations for being the source in providing opportunities to the members of PERUBATAN Cairo Chapter, to improve their clinical skills as well as gain extra values that are beneficial in many aspects. Throughout the year, various activities and programmes such as small group discussions, family day, fund raising activities and a talk show have taken their places to ensure that maximum outputs are received by the members.

On 14th of December, 2014, CMT welcomed 45 new members to the team formed of clinical-year students of PERUBATAN Cairo Chapter. The members were chosen from over 60 candidates that applied through an interview. Commitment, honesty and confidence were the most sought-after attitude needed to become a member of CMT. Congratulations to the chosen ones!

Let’s Go All Out (LEGO), an event similar to a family day was held at Al-Azhar Park on the 10th of April, 2015. The family day played out explorace as the main concept. The participants were tested with both medical and non-medical questions, as well as their clinical skills. With increasing number of the members of CMT, this event succeeded in strengthening the bonds and uniting all the members from the newest to the oldest generations; Novice (Med-Ximus), Junior (Jebat) and Senior (Ace).


CMT also invited a very exceptional and distinguished doctor from Malaysia; Professor Rashidi Ahmad, to give out an open talk entitled ‘A Glimpse into the Emergency Room’. The talk show took place at Markas PERUBATAN Abou Rish on December 6th, 2015. He shared his experience in years working as an Accident & Emergency specialist. Professor Rashidi also kindly taught a fraction of electrocardiogram which is very useful especially for the clinical-year students.

All through the year, small group discussions were held monthly among the members of CMT. Medical check-up, basic life supports, first aid course, suturing and stitching are to name from a few of the lessons learned. Occasionally, volunteers among the members were invited by the other associations in Cairo to perform medical check-ups and to become paramedics in any events.

As the Malay proverb goes patah tumbuh hilang berganti. There will be a replacement for everything. Thousands and millions of gratitude to the high committee of Cairo Medical Team 2015 for the blood and sweats spilled during your reign. Only Allah SWT can repay your hard work with His ultimate blessings.

Written by,

Siti Zulaikha binti Zulkapri
Secretary of Cairo Medical Team 2016