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The 10 Types of Friends We Have

No man is an island. We require friends to thrive this journey as Malaysian medical students living in Cairo, Egypt. Along the way, we’ve become friends with each other despite the diverse personalities. Oh come on, we all have that one friend who is:


  1. The Living Library

They simply know the answers to every question asked by the doctor during lecture. Whether they answer them loudly or you can hear them say it to themselves. They know the topics well and you always turn to them whenever you don’t understand anything. They are the top 10 students in the final examination, every year. Some of them are nerdy while the majority are cool, just like you, but with better grades. Subconsciously, they motivate you to be better in your studies.

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  1. ‘The Mom’ and ‘The Dad’

They are overprotective but it is because they really care about you. They would ask whether you’ve taken your breakfast or not before going to the class, why are you skipping dinner. When it is late, they will call you to know your whereabouts and if you’re going to be escorted by a ‘musyrif’ or not.  They do the house chores without being asked. They are very responsible, compassionate, critical and supportive. You feel comfortable to confide in them and they make the best life’s consultants and keen listeners.


  1. The Master Chef

The master chefs know how to cook almost every dish. You name it; western food, traditional Malay dishes, Italian servings, just simply everything!  Yes, their dishes are complimentary. I guess it is in the blood. From what I have observed, it’s whether their parents run a restaurant or their family is accustomed to cook together in a big family events. No wonder the master chefs usually handle the food and refreshments in programs like SAADAH or Bazaar.


  1. The Joker

The day would be gloomy without the jokers. They are genuinely funny and love to put pranks on their friends.  You might feel they have gone over the limit by posting awkward candid photos of you on your Facebook wall, but chill, they are just joking. You know you love them enough to forgive whatever misshapen they have caused.


  1. The Clique

Birds of a feather flock together, as they say. You share the same interests with your clique like travelling, playing games, sports, shopping, watching anime or Korean dramas, etc. When you meet online or offline, both will talk about your mutual interests most of the time. You watch horror movies, go shopping at Khan El-Khalili, and attend talaqqi with the Sheikh at Al-Azhar mosque or join RAUDHAH together. There is also that kind of a friend who mourns over Naruto’s ending as much as you do.

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  1. The Ammu’s Favourite Person

If you have house-hold problems, he/she is the one to call the house-owner for help. If everyone is hungry, he/she is the one to call for deliveries. These friendly people have good connection with the locals wherever they go. Surprisingly, the ‘ammu loves them too, despite the language barrier! A little ‘syuwaiyya’ here and there plus multiple hand gestures should do the trick. Plus, they may also have more Egyptian friends than you do.


  1. The Superstar

The superstars are famous among the Malaysian community. It’s whether they are physically good-looking, extroverts, athletes, somehow related to someone famous, have appeared in a television show before, have good leadership qualities or maybe they are the High Committee Members of PERUBATAN. *coughs*


  1. The Helper

Just ask the reliable helpers for any favour, they will never turn you down. They love lending a hand whenever necessary. They have a very high common sense, thus the male helpers make good musyrif(s) and the female helpers would volunteer to help out even though they are not summoned.  These are the common faces you find as the committee members of any program held by the Malaysians.


  1. The Geek

No, I am not referring to any anti-social geeks. The geek here is the person who is very interested in and knows a lot about a particular field or activity. He/she can be a tech-savvy geek, or a photographer or a Spanar Jaya team member who happens to be so skilful at fixing stuff. The geeks make you wonder how they earn such skills.


10. The Reminder

A glance at the reminder’s face and behaviour makes you remember Allah. This can be any of the type of friends mentioned above; this person can also be you. Whether you are The Master Chef or The Superstar, we all have one thing in common; we are Muslims. Therefore, we should all be the reminders to our brothers and sisters.

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Once the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was asked,

“What person can be the best type of friend?”

 “He who helps you remember Allah (SWT), and reminds you when you forget Him,” the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), counselled.

Such a friend reflects qualities of love, mercy, honesty, service, patience, optimism, professionalism, and the entire lifestyle taught by Islam.

Our friends are our family here in Egypt. We are fated by Allah to meet and live here with the same goal. For 6 years and a half, we grow up in front of each other’s’ eyes. As much as we want to graduate and getting our scrolls together, our desire to grasp the ultimate success with our friends should be higher.  Look at your friends. Don’t you want to be with them in Jannah too?

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You and I, neither one of us is perfect. You will never find that ‘Perfect Friend’, but you can always be ‘The Best Type of Friend’. May our friendship bless by Allah. May we gather again in His’ Jannah. Allahumma Ameen.


“Together We Unite To Serve Our Community”

fatin nabila

Fatin Nabila binti Luqman
Timbalan Biro Kebajikan
PERUBATAN Cawangan Kaherah 2014/2015