World Humanitarian Day is celebrated worldwide every year since its declaration by United Nation in 2002 following the bombing of the UN headquarter in Baghdad. From its name, it is aimed to inspire humanitarian work among world society. Indeed, we greatly appreciate the efforts made by the UN to ensure peace and justice continue to dwell in this globe. I am very sure that without the presence of the UN, some part of the world may still be drenched in blood and illegal killing. May the UN continue to play its role to control world dominance of particular parties.


Speaking of humanitarian and human right, the best example, as a benchmark for this issue is the conflict of Palestine. This issue officially started in 1948 after the declaration of the illegal state of Israel. Until today in 2014, it has been literally more than 60 years that Palestinians have lived in suffering and lose their land rights. Without including a few years before the official declaration, Palestinians have suffered a lot. Generations after generations, the problem is still not resolved.

Here we may ask, where is the super power of the UN? Where did it go? Why everybody keep silent?


The questions are indeed could not be answered by the UN. There is clearly a double-standard practice in the UN. If it is related to America or Israel, nobody could voice out against the UN. Contrarily, if any resolutions disobeyed by particular countries, strong actions would be taken. However to count how many resolutions ignored by the Israel, it takes your whole life to do so.

The world can never talk and discuss further regarding humanity as long as the issue of Palestine is not resolved. In another part of the world, any humanity issue is discussed and treated fairly. In Sweden few months ago, a mother was brought to the court for disciplining her daughter even if it was a personal practice. In some other cases, a guy could be charged for torturing a dog. America and UN wanted to show the world that they are always standing for the justice and to make sure that everybody can live in peace and harmony. While the injustices occurring in Palestine seem to be ignored most of the time.

As the wise saying goes, “children are the mirror of their parents”. If the UN wanted to teach and show the world the meaning of peace and humanity, they should first show a good example. As long as the UN continues its double-standard practice, the world can never achieve peace.


We are not discussing the Palestine issue regarding the religious conflict between Muslims and Jews. We speak in the same language understood by everyone on this globe, regardless of their states, religions and races. It is the language of humanity. The language of consensus between us. Nobody could deny that children bombing is a crime. So does killing civilians with Apache. But when those crimes happen and no actions are taken, the whole world society should be responsible for all the undefended lives killed.

Sadly, this is not just a rhetoric, but it does happen in front of us now. Humanity is at its lowest level. If we could take into account of a 60 years old man living in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, then he must have gone through suffering and disgrace throughout his life. His neighbors and friends are doing nothing but in fact help the one who does the crime as America did in supporting Israel financially. That is the reality of us right now. Crimes are crimes no matter who does them.

This current situation of injustice should make us feel more convinced to take Islam as the only solution for all problems happened in this world. 100 years opportunity given for the secular ideology after the fall of Khilafah in 1924 to bring justice to the world has failed and come to its end. It is proven ineffective and should be changed to another solution which is Islam.

‘Islam is the only solution’ is not just a meaningless slogan. It is proven theoretically and historically. The problem is people do not see it as it is. It is our job and responsibility to convince people the essence of Islam. Regarding any conflicts and problems happen, we should be the one who are most forward in giving solution based on Islamic scale. We have to show the world that Islam has the way out. Free sex, usury, gambling, and all of those practices are not valid anymore and can’t never bring the world to peace. A better alternative should be given.

Everyone should play their role. Malaysia has its role, so do Turkey, Indonesia and the Arab countries. When Islam is presented on a same level as any other ideologies, people will see the beauty of it and the need of the world for it. The old political style should be ended. We need a reformer to bring the world to its best state. I greatly believe that the reformer would be from the Muslims. We did it before and will do it again.


Speaking of humanity, Islam is the best source of it. There are no concepts in Islam, which is against humanity, instead it promotes humanity. The language of Islam is the language of humanity. The world will never be peace before it understands the grammar of the language of humanity.

Let’s end this! We can do it!

Muhamad Firdaus bin Rahim is a student of Kasr Al Ainy faculty of medicine, Cairo University and a journalist at The Karyawan Unit for PCK. This article is written for The World Humanitarian Day on 19th of August.